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Fox News host and race-based troll Bill O’Reilly did what Bill O’Reilly does best on Monday’s edition of his show: Blow a dog whistle so loud that both Cujo and Charlie B. Barkin woke up from their eternal slumber.

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O’Reilly spoke with the Washington Post’s Bob Woodward about how divisive they felt President Barack Obama’s second inaugural address was. This critique mirrors  other Republicans who are presently feigning shock that after four years of their blatant obstructionism and unabashed disrespect, our commander-in-chief isn’t sounding as congenial as he used to.

O’Reilly, who nearly all but declared Anglo-Saxons an endangered species following Obama’s re-election last November, went on to say that President Obama refuses to work with the GOP because he sees them as “purveyors of White privilege.”

In the clip, O’Reilly said:

“It’s pretty clear that [Obama] doesn’t like them because he doesn’t feel — he feels that they are the purveyors of White privilege. He’s never going to say that, but that’s the theme that runs through his advisers: The White privilege has to be broken down.”

Since O’Reilly dropped his “wisdom,” critics have panned O’Reilly’s remarks as “insensitive,” given they were offered on Martin Luther King Day and just a few hours after the nation’s first Black President was sworn in for a second term.

Sure, that’s a word you could use, but I have a few other terms to volunteer: Stupid; dense; ridiculous; nonsensical; petty; and forgive me if you don’t partake in the beauty of profanity, complete and utter bulls**t.

Woodard did tell O’Reilly “I don’t agree” and went on to state, “I just think he doesn’t agree with Republicans on their agenda.” Still, Woodard sounded nearly as ridiculous as O’Reilly, when he scolded Obama for not whispering sweet nothings to the opposition party that has spit in his face throughout his entire first term.

What point does it make in continuing to pretend that House Republicans are interested in compromise?

For a supposed stickler for history, you would think Woodward would understand this. Only a week ago, several Congressional Republicans warned of a government shut- down at the mere thought of not getting their way. A way that was rebuffed by a losing presidential candidate, a botched chance at retaking the Senate — and if not for gerrymandering — would have further resulted in them losing control of the House of Representatives.

Republicans didn’t change their tune despite much of the country tuning them out, so no wonder Obama didn’t bother paying them anymore lip service.

As for O’Reilly, he defended his remarks to Woodward by further arguing:

“The Republican agenda, in his mind, the President’s mind, props up White privilege. Therefore, as the social justice champion, he has to tear that down. He doesn’t like the White privilege thing and he doesn’t like the Republicans trying to defend it. And that’s the seed.”

Watch O’Reilly and Woodard make their questionable comments here:

No mention from either about the aforementioned obstructionism or the numerous instances of racism leveled at the President from elected officials in the GOP.

Not surprisingly, in a separate segment, O’Reilly criticized Obama’s inaugural address for its “imposing social justice.”

The nerve of that Negro to push for a more inclusive and fair America.

O’Reilly would’ve preferred that the President focused more on the promotion of free markets and “social programs that work” by focusing on “opportunity and not charity” in his speech. Plus, plugs for entitlement reforms, a revamp of the tax code, and everything else that pertains to his interests, the sort of interests shared by other wealthy White men who can’t be burdened with the daunting task of thinking of others not rich, White, and male.

I wish Obama was as militant as O’Reilly fetishes him to be or even that government spending was as rampant as those of his ilk purport it be, but alas. O’Reilly and Woodward are right in noticing Obama’s change in tone when addressing Republicans but fall victim to linear thinking in trying to rationalize why.

One thing is for sure: It’s always maddening to see White people sit around and speak on issues with complete authority even if their thinking is flawed, their facts misconstrued, and their biases on full display.

Not only that, but because of what they are, their opinions are instantly given more weight than others even if they pulled them from the same place that they sit. I can’t speak to how much President Obama loathes White privilege, but I’m constantly reminded of all the varying reasons I do.

Michael Arceneaux is a Houston-bred, Howard-educated writer and blogger. You can read more of his work on his site, The Cynical Ones. Follow him on Twitter: @youngsinick