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R&B crooner Bobby V was carjacked at gunpoint in midtown Atlanta on Tuesday evening as he parked his 2013 Bentley outside a recording studio.  Police were able to apprehend one of the robbers just a few hours later and arrested him reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Bobby V, whose actual name is Robert Wilson was maneuvering his red Bentley into a parking lot space outside the famed Hot Beats Recording Studio when he was approached by two men who were toting guns.  The robbers, in no uncertain terms, demanded that Bobby V hand over the key to his Bentley.

The 32-year-old, “Slow Down” and “Lights Down Low” recording artist stepped out of the vehicle and without putting up a fight, allowed the robbers to drive away in his $200,000-plus car.

An off-duty officer heard a call about the robbery over his police radio and actually stumbled upon the luxury vehicle near the city’s Arts Center.  When he went to investigate the car, he found it had been abandoned.

According to authorities, one of the assailants was actually identified by witnesses and Bobby V, he was taken into custody for booking.  Police has not released any information about the robber they have in custody and are still looking for the second suspect.