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“High School Musical” (HSM) actor Chris Warren (pictured) has filed a lawsuit against both of his parents for allegedly stealing the fortune he made as a child actor, according to TMZ.


The now-23-year-old actor, who starred in all three “HSM” films, contends that his mom, who was one of the stars of the longtime daytime soap “Passions” Brook Kerr (pictured below right), and dad, Christopher Warren Sr. (pictured below left), set up a trust fund for him back in 2001. Warren is accusing his parents of dipping in to his account over the years, which reportedly had hundreds of thousands of dollars in it.

The court document states that when Warren turned 21, he wanted to withdraw some monies from his fund, but his parents reportedly denied him access.  Warren says when he continuously questioned his parents about his account, they eventually admitted they had blown a vast amount of his earnings on maintaining their lifestyles;  yet, they reportedly refused to reveal to Warren how much of the money was actually left in the account.

Watch Chris talk about his parents and his life here:

Even though the young performer does not know the exact dollar amount his parents allegedly squandered, he is suing for all of the monies he reportedly thinks they stole from him.

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Meanwhile, the Warrens are involved in a bitter divorce battle.  Kerr, who played “Whitney Russell” on the famed daytime soap, has accused her spouse of being a bipolar drug dealer who has been terrorizing her. She also obtained a restraining order against Warren, after claiming he broke in to her home last November and burglarized it, taking a computer, credit cards, and a Range Rover, among other things. She also claims that he then got in to a physical altercation with the younger Warren.

The couple have been married for 22 years.

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