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Starting off his monologue with “I think we all need a pep talk…,” the self-appointed “Tiny President of the United States” encourages viewers to “stop being boring” and be their best self in his third message to the world.

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Alternatively humorous, optimistic, and ambitious, the “Kid President” manages to warm the coldest of hearts, when he gets straight to business in encouraging the masses to find their purpose:

“The world needs you to stop being boring, yeah, you, boring is easy, everybody can be boring. Your gooder than that.

“Life is not a game…and if life is a game, aren’t we are all on the same team, I mean, really, right? I’m on your team, you’re on my team.”

And if you are still not convinced about why you need to seize the best out of what life offers, Kid President’s foolproof logic delivers his point home:

“What if Michael Jordan had quit? What if he had quit when he didn’t make the team — he would have never made ‘Space Jam,’ and I love ‘Space Jam.’

“What will be your ‘Space Jam’? What will you create to make this world awesome? Nothing if you keep sitting there. That’s why I’m talking to you today. This is your time, this is my time. It’s our time….”

“This is life, people, you got air coming through your nose, your hearts beating…that means it’s time to do something!

Watch Kid President in action here:

Kid President, who says on his website that he is “sponsored by Mom,” began his positive offerings last July. Making sure he has ample time to dance in between his cathartic messages, one can only fall in love with the adorable young boy who is wise beyond his years.

In the midst of school shootings, high unemployment, divisive politics, and seemingly neverending violence in many of our communities, it is refreshing to see a young boy armed with a camera, a good heart, and loving words attempt to inspire the world…one video at a time.

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