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This Black History Month, NewsOne takes a look back at the top African-American moments from 2000 to 2012. Some will make you happy while others will undoubtedly make you angry and/or sad. Either way, here’s to the last 12 years of our living history. Enjoy!

Moment: Senator Barack Obama becoming President of the United States

Why: Of the many crowning achievements in African-American history, it is possible that no memory was as galvanizing as the election of Barack Obama (pictured far left) to the highest office in the land. Obama’s meteoric rise in politics is well-documented, but many didn’t expect the senator from Illinois to capture a nation that was filled with deep racial divides even into the 21st century. With charismatic oratory skill, a message of populism that resonated with all walks of life, and his charming good looks, President Obama’s stunning win over Republican opponent John McCain will be discussed for decades.

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