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It takes a true lyricist (or someone unconcerned about his or her future) to rhyme his way through an arraignment in which he was accused of violent crimes and faced up to 90 days in jail.

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Though, Fox 2 News Detroit reports that an inmate addressed a judge by spitting rhymes during his video arraignment at Macomb County’s 37th District Court in Warren, Mich., on Tuesday. When Judge John Chmara address Callius Moon about the charges against him, the wanna-be rapper responded with a freestyle. He rapped about people trying to “put it on me” among other things during the hearing.

According to the Associated Press, the charges against Moon include two felonies: malicious destruction of fire or police property and resisting or obstructing a police officer. Judge Chmara was impressed with Moon’s skill but it didn’t help sway his opinion of him one bit.

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“I think you are someone from whom the public needs to be protected,” Chmara said. “You might even be a dangerous person. I am very much concerned about a risk of flight.”

Sources told Fox 2 News that Moon, 26, is accused of texting violent threats, resisting arrest, various traffic violations and disorderly conduct. When the judge was trying to determine whether Moon wanted to hire his own attorney or prefered a court-appointed one, he responded with another rhyme. It is hard to understand what he is saying but he seemed to lose his flow and even let loose an expletive.

“Alright Mr. Moon,” the judge said. “Show’s over.”

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Well, Moon is still locked up as of last night and has asked for an attorney. Though, it remains to be seen if his flow impressed enough talent scouts on “the outside” to convince them he is worth bailing out and signing to a record deal.