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A Detroit woman arrived at her home this week to find that her neighbors had turned it into a “chill spot,” Fox 2 News Detroit reports.

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Not only did her neighbors welcome themselves into her home without an invitation; they popped open several bottles of her gin, cooked her food (crab legs, shrimp and a turkey).

The woman, who did not want to be identified, said her uninvited guests were “high as a kite” when she walked in on them.

She screamed. The freeloaders ran. Then the woman called the cops. While the law is calling the case a home evasion, Curtrina, the sister of the uninvited guests, said that isn’t the case.

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“Somebody was squatting in that house, the guy that was in there was squatting already, so he was inviting people over, because he was living there,” she said.

The homeowner was away for a few months, so it appears the men figured it was OK for them to hang out in her house until she returned. It’s not logical. But in today’s Motor City, the most ratchet behavior can be justified somehow.

Here is a breakdown of how some neighbors of the homeowner viewed her situation:

RJ, a relative (of one of the men in the house), offers this:  “If you a home owner or renting a property or whatever. You don’t leave your home for 3 or 4 months.”

The woman tells Fox 2 she was there last Tuesday and everything was intact.

RJ: “It’s Detroit, Michigan… this is the hungry capital of the world and we will squat in your house.”

Curtrina: “It was like a chill spot.”

Wait, wait, wait…What?

Curtrina: “It was like a chill spot. Somebody going to invite you over to smoke some weed and we right next door.”

I don’t know what you think about this situation, but the people we interviewed implied that they think the homeowner is to blame, that she should know better than to leave her house for too long.

RJ: “Stay on your property before your copper come up missing.”

Two men were placed under arrested the night the homeowner came home, but one ran away. For his part, RJ told Fox 2 News that he would never squat in someone’s home.

This is not the first time a squatting story out of Detroit made national headlines. As NewsOne previously reported, Heidi Peterson told Fox 2 News that she found a woman in her home after she was away for a year. But the woman would not move out, forcing Peterson and her young daughter to live with the squatter until she eventually moved out.