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Allen Iverson can’t seem to catch a break these days, can he?

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The former NBA All-Star, who is reporting having money issues, is now being sued by his ex-lawyer, Jonathan Levine, who claims he is owed $61,098.86 for hours he clocked in 2012 when he was handling Iverson’s divorce–which was settled in January.

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TMZ reports that Levine dropped A.I. as a client during the divorce proceedings because he was unable to maintain proper contact with him. A.I. then hired another lawyer who handled the settlement.

TMZ added that, if A.I. does not fork over the cash, Levine could go after Iverson’s assets.

Though, it does not appear that he has much in that regard. Iverson recently lost his Atlanta mansion in a foreclosure auction. Not to mention, he has to cough up $3 million to his ex-wife, Tawanna Iverson, as part of their divorce settlement.