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Diamond Blair was convicted of second-degree murder by a jury in Jackson County, Mo., making him his family’s fifth convicted killer, the Kansas City Star reports.

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Blair, 37, was found guilty Friday of murder, robbery and armed criminal action in the death of Montague Kevin Ashline on June 24, 2009 in Kansas City. He is already serving 23 years in prison on other convictions. His first arrest came at the tender age of 6. Blair is a member of Kansas City’s most notorious crime family, which includes five convicted killers.

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His uncle, Terry Blair, was convicted in 2008 of killing six women in 2004 in Kansas City. Blair’s mother was charged twice and convicted once for killing her drug-dealing boyfriend in 1989.

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Here is some more background on Blair and his criminal family past:

Even before Terry Blair killed six women, a defense attorney defending Diamond Blair’s brother for murder told a courtroom in 2002 that his client was “born to a family of murderers.”

Court records alleged that Diamond Blair, accompanied by two accomplices, shot and killed Ashline in a robbery attempt. Ashline had thrown up his hands and declared he had nothing, but the gunman “immediately shot him,” according to court records. Video surveillance cameras recorded the crime.

Long before the murder, Diamond Blair had a lengthy rap sheet. Between the ages of 12 and 16 he appeared in juvenile court for assault, stealing cars and fleeing the court’s McCune School for Boys.

Blair racked up charges in four robberies within the six months leading up to his sixteenth birthday. A judge certified him to stand trial as an adult and sent him to jail, where he and two others sodomized a 15-year-old boy.