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Michael Jackson checked into heaven on June 25, 2009 at roughly 6 p.m. Eastern Standard time. There was a slight delay in getting him settled as we were finishing up with Ed McMahon, as you can imagine a sidekick to a talk show host has ALOT TO SAY. And, as we are all aware, Farrah Fawcett checked in about five hours before Michael and we really needed some time to get her smoothed out. FYI, she is even more beautiful in heaven than she was on Earth, those eyes, the hair, that smile… Man, I did a good job on her.

But anyway, Back to Michael, He’s doing fine. He was greeted by James Brown, Elvis Presley, Bing Crosby and John Lennon, I had to bring out the best! I know you have a lot of questions so I will try to answer them in this press release.

Michael came to earth to do exactly what he did, which was to contribute AND express himself and the ills of the world through music. He did not transition, or, as you guys call it, “DIE” too soon. I mean c’mon, you guys created this whole time thing, I had nothing to do with it, there is no time in HEAVEN.

Ok, back to Michael. Music became his voice, his way to communicate. You should all be thankful to Poppa Joe or Joseph, whatever y’all call him, ‘cause he did exactly what I sent him to earth to do. Michael got to be Michael because Joseph was Joseph. And please, please, please don’t ask me to explain the “parent” role any further at this time, the exact reason why your Mother gets on your nerves but is always right is explained in the handbook that you will receive when YOU CHECK INTO HEAVEN!

For those of you that don’t know about cardiac arrest, it’s simple. His heart stopped because it was overwhelmed with pain, grief and sadness. I made the heart as the chamber of love. Just as the heart pumps blood to the body and it receives blood to keep going, Energetically, it pumps out love to the world and it receives love. Well, he hasn’t received a lot of love in a long time. He really began to believe that you guys didn’t truly love him. His experience on earth was simply too much for his heart to take any more

As far as the skin color thing, and the physical changes — Listen, you guys didn’t get it. Some of you are limited in your understanding, so its difficult to grasp the idea that the “body” is just a “body.” It’s absolutely useless without the spirit. Michael’s spirit never changed and that’s the lesson for you guys. Stop identifying with the “physical” and connect to the spirit.

Actually, he wanted to change his skin back to brown, but Mother Nature just would not allow it. She said it would totally throw off the whole idea of DNA and cell structure and scientists would just be in an uproar.

With regard to the “little boys” —This one had us up here in stitches. The idea that a man with the eternal spirit of a child — when I say child, I mean innocence of spirit — would harm another child is just bananas. He loved the kids. He was close to them because they didn’t want anything from him but time. And he gave them time, unconditionally. Did they hang out in pajamas and lay in the bed and watch TV? Yes, they did. That’s fine. Some of you super rich, super busy, fathers might want to watch TV in the bed with your own kids, instead of dumping them off on the XBox every chance you get!

(That damn Xbox! Sometimes I wonder why I gave Billy Gates such a stimulated mind.)

But anyway, fathers, love your kids. Be intimate and personal with them. They want your time and attention, not your money and material things.

In closing, please be kind to Michael’s children. I really don’t want to have to send extra angels for them because you guys don’t know how to act!. Angels are hard to come by in the last days. Not to mention I got EXTRA angels on Barack Watch, so please.

Michael is currently with, J.C. a.k.a. Jesus Christ, Buddah, Muhammad, Ghandi, Dr. King, Malcolm X, Mother Theresa, and Bruce Lee. They are debriefing MJ and getting him clear about the whole martyr, crucifixion enlightened spirit, thing. MJ needs to understand what to do when you Earthly beings are calling on him for guidance or when entertainers are asking for his spirit to come upon them before they go on stage and all that kind of stuff.

Lastly, I did get to speak with him this morning and we went over his life and I explained why certain things happened. We ended it with me taking him into the hearts and minds of everyone on Earth. He was deeply moved and touched by the tributes, thoughts, words and tears of emotion that he saw, at that point he leaned over and said to me, “Wow, they did love me.”