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Jason Jerome Hambrick (pictured) was sentenced to 220 years for sexually molesting a 3-year-old girl back who was left in his care in 2011, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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The incident occurred back in July 2011, when the little girl was left in Hambrick’s care for one month. Police investigators discovered that the 23-year-old man forced the toddler to engage in sexual acts that oftentimes resulted in physical injury to the child.

Relatives of the child noticed she had been making gestures that were sexual in nature and began to question how she came to know about such inappropriate behaviors.

After a thorough investigation of the case, police were led to Hambrick who was arrested in August 2011 after authorities ransacked his home. DNA was also collected from the suspect.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge T. Jackson Bedford sentenced Hambrick to 50 years for each of his four sexually related crimes, plus another 20 years was tacked on to a first-degree cruelty to children charge.  The sentences will run consecutively.

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