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UPDATE 2:10 P.M.:

A 7-year-old Detroit girl is expected to recover after her father shot her in the stomach , Fox 2 News Detroit reports.

“She’s had a few surgeries, but she’s pulling through,” said Amera’s mother Kelly Jones. “She can’t talk yet, or open her eyes, but she can hear you. She can nod her; squeeze your hand.”

Part of her arm and elbow was shattered during the shooting. The child also suffers from a debilitating muscle condition.

Ferdarius Shine, 28, is suspected in the shootings of his grandmother, aunt and daughter, Amera Jones. He checked himself into a hospital for a psych evaluation soon after he allegedly shot his three family members.

Shine reportedly has a history of mental illness. It is not clear when he will be charged for the shootings. Cops found a gun at the scene on Friday evening when the shooting took place. Shine has a permit to carry, but it is unclear when he got it. But family members question why he had one to begin with, given his reporte history of mental illness.

“They need to do more background checks before they release guns to anyone,” said Evelyn Sherman, Amera’s grandmother, who added that she has known Shine for 10 years and had no idea he suffered from any mental health issues. ”

The little girl’s last words before being taken to the hospital were, “Granny, why did my daddy shoot me.”


Ferdarius Shine checked himself into a Detroit hospital for a psychiatric evaluation early this morning after he allegedly shot his grandmother, aunt and young daughter, the Detroit Free Press reports.

The 66-year-old grandmother and the 44-year-old aunt were found dead at the scene. His 7-year-old daughter is in critical condition. The man’s mother was in the home at the time of the shooting, but she was not injured. It is not known what exactly caused the shooting.

Shine, 28, who Detroit police say suffers from mental illness, allegedly shot the three family members around 6:45 p.m. and fled the scene on a bicycle. Cops say Shine has a concealed pistol license.

Detroit Police Inspector Dwane Blackmon said Shine made unrecognizable statements before he began shooting. He also noted that mental illness may have triggered the shooting. Though, he expressed concern over how a man with Shine’s well-documented history of mental illness could have secured a gun permit.

“It’s a mystery to me as how a person with his mental capacity at this point could have a legal weapon,” he said.

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