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There was a brief scare at Metta World Peace‘s home in Los Angeles this morning, when cops responded to a call that four armed men were in the Lakers star’s complex, TMZ reports.

Sources told the entertainment news site that the LAPD got a call around midnight that four men–three with handguns and one with a shotgun–were lurking around the player’s home. The cops arrived on the scene and ordered the men to come out in view of authorities. Two of the men–player’s cousin and brother–came out and spoke with the cops. But neither of the men had ID on them, so they were handcuffed until someone from the residence could verify who they were.

The cops had to wake of Metta, who quickly vouched for the men and they were released. Officers on the scene said Metta, who is known for his fiery temper, was very professional and understanding. As for the other two men, they came out to prove they lived in the complex. The arms the men were reported to have were, in fact, BB guns.

The cops let them off with a warning, presumably telling the men not to carry weapons in public.