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Hip-Hop icon MC Hammer (pictured) was arrested and booked into a Dublin jail on Thursday after allegedly “obstructing an officer in the performance of their duties,” reports

The “You Can’t Touch This” rapper was at Hacienda Crossings Shopping Center when he was stopped by an officer, who he claims asked him, “Are you on parole or probation?”

Hammer took it to the Tweets to detail what happened next:

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After being booked into Santa Rita Jail and cited, Hammer was released. According to the Dublin Police Department declined to release his mugshot.

Dublin Police Services Sgt. Herb Walters refused to elaborate on Hammer’s accusations, instead responding to inquiries via email: “We patrol the area of Hacienda Crossings Shopping Center, especially at nighttime hours. That is about all I can say for now.”

This is the second time in recent weeks that a high-profile Black man has been accosted and treated like a criminal because of the color of his skin. As previously reported by NewsOne, actor, director and producer, Forest Whitaker, was recently patted down by an employee at Milano Market in New York and accused of shoplifting. The store has since apologized.