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Larger-than-life music mogul Suge Knight (pictured) is facing legal troubles again, and this go-round, it’s for skipping out on a February 20th court date for driving without a license (DWOL), which led to two arrest warrants, reports TMZ.

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The Compton, Calif., native, who was on three years unsupervised probation for one of the traffic-related offenses, was being sought for the two separate DWOL cases, one in 2011 and the other last year.

Knight is expected to pay  a total of $5,000 for the 2011 offense and $30,000 for the second one in 2012 to satisfy the DWOL warrants.

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The former CEO of the famed hip-hop label Death Row Records most-recent offenses seem to be relatively minor ones compared to his past criminal raps.  In 1996, Knight served a nine-year prison term for probation violation. Just two years after he was released from his prison bid, he was put behind bars again for violating parole when he struck a parking attendant.

In 2005, Knight was shot in the leg, and to date, no suspects have been charged.  Three years after his injury, Knight was arrested yet again for drugs and aggravated assault for beating up his then-girlfriend.

Just earlier this month, Knight, was cuffed in Las Vegas, after officers discovered marijuana in his car and several warrants for prior traffic violations.

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