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Funk legend George Clinton (pictured) has reportedly filed for divorce from his wife, Stephanie Lynn, after 22 years of marriage, reports the Houston Chronicle.

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The legal documents, which were filed in a Florida court, specify that although the couple got hitched in Toledo, Ohio, back in 1990, they have actually been living separate lives under different roofs, which constitutes a long-term separation. The document also states that the pair’s marriage is “irretrievably broken.”

The now 71-year-old performer practically dominated the music scene in the ’70s with more than 40 R&B hits, including three number ones and three platinum sellers, by combining the funk bands Parliament-Funkadelic and recording such monster jams as “Up for the Down Stroke,”  “Flashlight,” and “Aqua Boogie.”

Enjoy “Aqua Boogie” here:

Although Clinton and Stephanie Lynn were together for 22 years, the union did not produce any children.  Clinton had two children from a previous relationship, a son, George Clinton Jr., and daughter, Shonda Clinton (Sativa Diva).  Clinton’s son passed away at age 50 two years ago from liver cancer.  Both of his children followed in their father’s funky footsteps, managing to blaze successful musical careers for themselves as singers.

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