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Phillip Hudson Jr. (pictured) was arrested on child abuse charges for allegedly using a taser on the 5-year-old boy of his ex-girlfriend about 20 times, which left burn marks all over the child’s body, reports Oklahoma’s Own.

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The incident came to light when the child went to school on February 21 complaining of arm pain. The child told his teacher that his step-dad had struck him with a board repeatedly and that the blows were so hard, he kept falling down. School officials summoned police immediately.

When the child was interviewed by forensic experts, he revealed that his step-dad had been tasering him.

The 24-year-old man, who actually lived next door to his ex, would babysit the boy often because the child’s mother worked two jobs.

The boy was examined by a pediatrician, Dr. Michael Baxter, who specializes in child abuse. Baxter, who had never been tasered wanted to personally experience what it would feel like so he asked a detective to taser his arm.

Baxter told Oklahoma’s Own that the taser’s force was so strong that it nearly toppled him out of his chair.

Five minutes after Baxter was tasered, he not only was still reeling from it but said his arm still burned.

Baxter said that he could not even fathom what the child must have felt after being tasered 20 times.

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According to crisis Detective Danielle Bishopwho after 12 years on the force has never heard of a child being tasered — told the Oklahoma’s Own, that the boy had “over 15 burn marks all over his body, back, arms, shoulders, stomach, butt, and feet from being tased.”

Hudson reportedly told police tasering the boy was a bad idea and that he would never hurt the child in this way again.

He also admitted to using the bizarre form of discipline whenever the child would not pay attention during reading and coloring time or when he would not do his homework.

The child was temporarily placed in protective custody.