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When the story broke that Pamela Smith, basketball giant Michael Jordan’s ’90s ex-fling and allegedly the Mother of his child, was suing for child support, many questioned why she waited 16 years to file a paternity suit. Well, Smith now claims that she doesn’t need the money, but that her son, Grant Pierce Jay Jordan ‘Taj’ Reynolds, begged her to file suit so that Jordan will be forced to publicly acknowledge him, reports

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According to Smith, she and Jordan have a “good” relationship and she didn’t want to embarrass him, but Taj no longer wanted to keep his paternity secret. Even though Jordan gave them money and gifts over the years, the boy could never tell anyone that he was his father.

As previously reported by NewsOne, Smith wants to retain full custody, but wants Jordan to pay for Taj’s medical expenses, in addition to child support. Taj also reportedly wants to change his last name to Jordan.

Though neither Taj nor his mother have spoken extensively about the custody battle, both of them have retweeted TMZ’s article and encouragement from people who have followed the story. They even showed each other some social media love.

Smith claims that she is doing all of this because Taj wants Jordan, who is currently engaged to model Yvette Prieto, to play a larger role in his life. We’re not sure exactly how this lawsuit is going to accomplish that, but we do know this:

Pamela Evette Smith (@hottestexpert), describes herself on Twitter as “America’s Hottest Love Expert/ Loveologist/Relationship Coach/Author Professional Speaker, Men/Women Issue” and Taj (who goes by @TajJordan) is pursuing a rap career based on music videos uploaded to his page and his timeline.

So, maybe, possibly, the answer all boils down to this one retweet from Taj:

Whatever the case, if Jordan is his father, Taj shouldn’t have to “come up” on him. He should already be there; only time will tell if that happens once the facts are revealed.