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On Monday, the FBI released 128 pages that spanned four years from 1988 to 1992 of the late, legendary singer, Whitney Houston’s (pictured), life, reports The Guardian.

There was a maniacal Vermont fan who was obsessed with the young diva at the time.  The man professed his undying love for her and longed to one day meet her as well.  The fan’s all-consuming devotion to Houston escalated to a threatening tilt which waved a red flag to the entertainer, as he attended her every concert and tried desperately to get flowers to her and wrote letters on end which were ignored.  The Houston devotee who penned over 70 letters to his imagined lady-love wrote, “I might hurt someone with some crazy idea and not realize how stupid an idea it was until after it was done.”  The crazed stalker’s behavior and items that he sent to Houston was monitored by the FBI.

Another fan from the Netherlands sent Houston audio tapes of songs that he had composed,  one however was perceived as a threat.  When he was interviewed by the FBI, the man claimed to be the president of Europe and to have purchased Brazil for $66 billion dollars.

The government agency also released a series of documents by a woman, who claimed to have had some very damaging information about Houston that she threatened to make public if her monetary demands of  $250,000 were not met.  Reportedly, Houston actually admitted to the feds that she discussed the personal matters with the extortionist and later, her father, John, allegedly sent the woman a check which sealed her lips.

The Houston documents were posted online for those who were fans and for others who just have inquiring minds but fair warning, there are lots of blank white boxes which translates into much of the info was redacted.