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The great Terrell “T.O.” Owens (pictured) was once a force to be reckoned with. The future NFL Hall of Famer took no mess on the football field. Statistically, he ranks among the league’s all-time great wide receivers. Standing at 6-foot-4 and weighing more than 220 pounds, very few defenders could bring him down.

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However, there was one foe that ultimately brought him down on the football field and off it: narcissism. For more than two seasons, T.O. has been out of the league and no team seems to want him. Much of it due to what many consider to be his attitude. But there is hope for the former All Pro wide out.

Owens just signed up to be a model for Next Management agency, reports He just signed a contract with the global corporation and the news was shared by his former personal assistant, Adrienne Williams, via Twitter:

Terrell Owens @terrellowens

@adriennemw: Congrats to @terrellowens for signing w/ Next Models LA…coming to a billboard near you! ” Thanks

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According to Owens’ publicist, Larry Bianchini, his client has traveled the modeling route before, so the gig will be something he is quite familiar. “Terrell has had a modeling contract in the past,” Bianchini wrote in an email to YardBarker. “Most can see why this would be a natural fit for him. NEXT approached him. He signed about a month ago and we are all very excited by this deal.”

Besides the 39-year-old Owens, the agency reps such modeling superstars as Andrés Velencoso (the face of Chanel Allure Homme), David Agbodji (the face of the new Kenneth Cole campaign) and Jon Kortajarena (number 8 on the Forbes ‘The World’s 10 Most Successful Male Models’).

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Owens, who has been out of the NFL for the past two-plus seasons, has seemingly been spiraling down into the depths of bum luck since he put on an NFL uniform. He was dropped kicked to the curb by the Indoor Football League‘s (IFL) Allen Wranglers last May. The year 2009 brought Owens a VH1 reality program, “The T.O. Show,” which was supposed to offer some light at the end of his dark tunnel and, perhaps, help dig him out of all of the mounting debt he has accumulated over the last few years.

However, the show went kaput after two years.

Owens has been struggling with foreclosed homes, baby mama drama, child support battles, pitiful attempts at acting, and a recent whopping tax bill, which comes to a STAGGERING $438,913.52!

Oh, woe is T.O.

But thankfully, he’s got a build that won’t quit, so modeling just might be his ticket out of the hell he’s in financially.

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