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Like many first ladies, Michelle Obama spends a lot of her time in public with children. Her visit Moscow was no different.  Mrs. Obama visited the St. Dmitriy Orphanage, meeting with about two dozen children.  The children range in age from four to 16, some are true orphans, some disabled, others come from so called “vulnerable families” — those with more than four to five children, who simply need help.

Several of the children performed for Mrs. Obama — some sang, others played piano. They presented her with handmade gifts, including a large geometrical ball made from paper, and a large framed hand embroidered flower. The young girl who presented the flower said it had taken her two days to complete.

The children asked Mrs. Obama how many children she has. She responded, two girls, including one named Sasha.  Mrs. Obama explained that Natasha is Sasha’s full name, and that it is the President’s favorite name.

“How many Sasha’s do you have here?” she asked the group. There were three in all. Mrs. Obama told the children that her daughters were spending the morning with their grandmother making dolls.

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