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A Detroit woman claims that her home on the city’s southwest side was robbed twice and she got little help from the cops, Fox 2 News Detroit reports.

Ashley Ball (pictured) says the first time her home was jacked was on Tuesday, when she arrived home to see that her door had been “pried open with a crowbar.”

“They ransacked my house, stole… electronics, jewelry, keepsakes,” she explained. “The Detroit Police came, and they had a team come out and dust the next day.”

But the crooks weren’t done. The very next day, Ball says she slowed her car to a creeping speed as she drove down the alley behind her home because she felt something fishy was going on. Her senses were right: the thieves were in her house with her goods and making their getaway as she crept closer to the house.

Ball drove after them.

“I called 911. I said I had the cars, I had the guys, described them, gave them the license plate,” Ball said.

“Chased through Dearborn, Dearborn Heights. 911 told me to quit chasing them because I was putting myself in danger,” Ball explained.  “I was on the phone with 911. I was screaming I caught him, and he’s here. Are you guys coming?”

They never did.

“I saw them. I was this close to them. I can’t do anything about it. Nobody’s there to help me,” she added. “I’m thinking you’re just going to let them get away.”

“They had their crowbar. The guy had a gun. It’s scary,” Ball said. “I was extremely afraid.”

Ball wants the Detroit Police Department to deal with her case ASAP! But there’s a catch: the cop handling her case will not return to work until Sunday.

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