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Now that President Barack Obama has filled out his NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket, it is time for his protege, Kid President, to show the world who he thinks will come out of “March Madness” as the national champion.

While President Obama chose Louisville to win it call, Kid President–real name Robby Novak–has a completely different winner in mind.

In his bracket, which he revealed on ESPN, Kid President has Duke, Gonzaga, Indiana and Michigan in the Final Four. Gonzaga and Michigan make it to the title game, where the Zags defeat the Wolverines to win it all.

(Obama has Louisville, Ohio State, Indiana and Florida in the Final Four; The Prez has Indiana winning the championship.)

Dressed in a black suit, black dress shoes and a crisp red tie, the little Commander-in-Chief broke down the 64-team tournament with ESPN reporter Robert Flores.

Too short to reach parts of the bracket outlined on a white board, Flores had to lift the 10-year-old at times so he could fill-in his favorite picks.

“Hurry kid president,” Flores says as he struggles to hold the 61-pound during one lift.

Here are some highlights from the video, as perfectly outlined by The Washington Post:

On Duke: “They’re the bad guys. That’s what my bro told me.”

On Duke’s coach: “Mike Sesowski”

On Duke vs. Memphis: “Now this is a challenge. Because that’s my homeland [Memphis] and they’re good [Duke] … I may have to go with Duke.”

On UCLA’s star freshman: “You should know Shabazz by now. Everybody should.”

On picking Wisconsin: “I love cheese.”

On Michigan, one of his championship game picks: “Taste the fur, taste the claws.”

Check out the full video of Kid President breaking down the tournament below:

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