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Twenty-three-year-old Milwaukee Father Christopher Robinson now faces multiple felony charges, after it was revealed that he had taken a number of photos on Facebook with wads of money. Why should this matter? Because Robinson hasn’t made a single child support payment for his 2-year-old child and has been claiming indigency, according to CBS58.

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When asked why he has never contributed to his child’s livelihood, Robinson reportedly told the court that he didn’t have the means. Somehow, the court didn’t entirely believe his poverty claims, so they ordered Facebook to give access to the District Attorney’s office.

UPI reports:

The court ordered Facebook to allow the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office full access to Robinson’s account. Facebook can help police build child support cases with evidence of a lifestyle out of line with payment.

What they found were several photos of Robinson with “wads of cash and liquor.

Milwaukee County Chief Deputy District Attorney Kent Lovern said that Facebook has helped his team figure out if someone is lying about their financial situation in the past:

“It’s a great investigative tool for us, because it gives us a glimpse in to their real lives that our targets may be living.”

As for how the DA justifies obtaining search warrants for cases such as these, CBS58 reports:

Lovern explained that photos enable the DA’s office to apply for a search warrant if it appears that ‘somebody has more money than maybe they are indicating they do.’