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Georgia teens De’ Marquise Elkins (pictured) and Dominique Lang, who allegedly robbed a Mother at gunpoint and fatally shot her 13-month-old baby boy, are now being tried as adults for their crimes, which also includes a murder committed last Thursday, according to USA Today.

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On Wednesday, a Glynn County grand jury indicted 17-year-old Elkins on 11 counts of murder in the killing of baby Antonio Santiago, mere blocks away from his home in Brunswick. The indictment also charges 15-year-old Dominique Lang with 7 murder counts, including felony murder, and claims Elkins was the one who pulled the trigger on the baby.

According to the slain baby’s mother, Sherry West, she was returning home with her baby in a stroller from the post office when the two boys approached her on March 21st and asked for money. When West refused, Elkins produced a gun and shot her in the leg before shooting the baby in the head. Authorities are claiming the killing was a random event.

“We’re comfortable now, six days in to it, to say the location of the incident and the victim were random,” Glynn County Police Chief Matt Doering said to reporters Wednesday. “I don’t have any information that shows otherwise.”

Elkins is also being charged with another failed robbery that happened earlier this month. On March 11th, he allegedly pointed his gun at Wilfredo Calix-Flores, demanding his cell phone and wallet before shooting Flores in the arm.

Coincidentally, this was reportedly the same gun used to kill the 13-month-old.

Elkins received attempted robbery and assault charges as a result.

The teenager’s mother and sister have also been charged with evidence tampering by reportedly throwing Elkins’ .22-caliber revolver in to a pond, where investigators discovered it Tuesday.

Elkins’ aunt is charged with making false statements to police for allegedly lying that he was at her house when the baby’s slaying happened. Even though they are being tried as adults, the teens will be spared the death penalty if found guilty because they are still minors, according to District Attorney Jackie Johnson.

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