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Talk about baby mama drama!

Four months pregnant, Alise Kelly was seriously injured with two broken legs and an amputated foot when she was allegedly rammed by Shareyll Hunter’s (pictured) car; Hunter is five months pregnant. Both women were allegedly battling over their baby daddy, reports KHOU.

Kelly, 21, was in her southwest Houston home with her boyfriend, Christopher Chaney (pictured), when his ex, Hunter, 26, paid them an unexpected visit.  When Kelly confronted Hunter, the two women reportedly began to argue outside of the home. Chaney was asleep but was soon awakened by all of the raucous he heard outside.

When Chaney stepped outside to see what was taking place, he told police he witnessed Kelly punching Hunter’s car window while she was sitting inside of the vehicle. The 26-year-old young man claims he saw Hunter gun the car and pin Kelly against the house.

According to witnesses, Kelly was screaming in agony, stating that the pain felt like a burning sensation. A neighbor who also witnessed the chaotic scene told KHOU, “[She was screaming] ‘It hurts, it’s burning and her baby,’” a neighbor said. “And I was like, ‘She’s pregnant,’ and that’s when I seen her leg twisted.”

Kelly was rushed to a nearby hospital and treated for her two broken legs. One of her feet had to be amputated.

The pregnancy, however, is miraculously still intact.

Hunter drove off after she allegedly struck Kelly with her car and police investigators are still trying to uncover her whereabouts.

Chaney, in the meantime, told KHOU reporters that the women were fighting over him because he is “handsome.” The baby daddy also boasted to reporters of having two other children with Hunter. Chaney also has two additional children with two other women, which means he has four children thus far and another two babies on the way.

Way to go stud [dumbass]!

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