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Does Los Angeles need yet another celebrity attraction? While Michael Jackson may be synonymous with his Neverland Ranch, it would be a bad idea to bury him there.

Michael Jackson should be buried at 2300 Jackson Street, in Gary, Indiana, where he was born and raised.

Troubled Gary has struggled to find sources of income in the decades after the steel mills closed. If Jackson were to be buried in Gary, his tomb would quickly become a tourist attraction, bringing desperately needed money to the destitute town.

Burying Michael Jackson at the Neverland ranch would be a testament to his days as an eccentric celebrity. Burying Jackson back in Gary would be a tribute to who he really was: a working class Black kid from a poor, industrial city who defied all odds to become one of the world’s greatest performers.

Elvis’s Graceland is one of Memphis’ biggest tourist attractions. Both Bob Marley’s old home in Kingston and his burial site in rural Jamaica have become tourist destinations.

2300 Jackson St. would be the perfect place for Michael Jackson to be laid to rest; a place for Jackson’s fans to see the real Michael and his history; a place to see where Jackson came from — a beautiful, Black community — before Hollywood and the press transformed him into a spectacle.

The Jacksons: 2300 Jackson Street

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