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When it rains, it pours–especially on Kevin Clash‘s block! The ex-Sesame Street puppeteer and once much-beloved voice of Elmo will reportedly get hauled off to court for the fifth time by another young man alleging sexual abuse, according to the Daily Mail.

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Kevin Kiadii (pictured) claims to have been only 16-years-old when he and Clash met for their dalliances, which he says included full penetration.  Kiadii told the Daily Mail in an exclusive interview he was not only coerced by Clash but also reveals how the former puppeteer’s fetish was allegedly that of the role of a father figure to the then boy. Kiadii, who is now 25, told reporters Clash knew he was a minor when they met. The young man also states Clash claimed all throughout their sexual tryst that he was 28-years-old instead of revealing his actual age, which was 43.

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Now a makeup artist, Kiadii says he and Clash met via a chatline back in 2004 and, according to his attorney, Jeff Herman, his client was “a young boy exploring his sexuality – not looking for sex but for friends and understanding on gay chat lines.”

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Kiadii added that he is not pursing the lawsuit just to seek monetary compensation. “It’s not really about the lawsuit or the money, it’s about wanting people to hear my story,” he tells the Daily Mail.

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In December, a fourth accuser filed a lawsuit against Clash, claiming he was underage when he and the actor got together sexually. All of Clash’s accusers have come forth publicly, alleging sexual impropriety at his hands. All have filed lawsuits.

In the wake of the sex scandals that surrounded him, Clash stepped down from his duties last November as the voice of the famed lovable Sesame Street character after playing the role for some 28 years