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The case of 21-year-old Columbia University student Jessica Fingers has taken a grim turn, after her boyfriend claims the former standout track athlete was a drug addict. Fingers’ boyfriend, Peter Russell, claims that his girlfriend was a methadone user and purchased the drug that ended her life.

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As reported by the New York Daily News, Fingers was found dead in a friend’s dorm room Sunday, March 31 of an apparent drug overdose. Russell, a tattoo artist, was reported as discovering Fingers’ body. On his Facebook wall, Russell wrote, “I woke up and the love of my life was dead next to me.”

The Fingers family blames Russell for Jessica’s death, with an assumed relative even taking to Facebook to threaten the man. In response, Russell said via Facebook, “If any of u idiots knew her then u know she was doing drugs long before she met me. She bought that methadone her damn self.”

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A friend of Russell’s backs up the claims that Fingers indulged in a partying lifestyle before meeting her boyfriend. “The friends that Jessica had prior to Peter were a party crowd,” the friend said. “I understand that her family is grieving and they need someone to blame. But they can’t solely put her death on Peter. The two made a conscious decision to do these things.”

Russell has not been charged with a crime and an NPYD investigation along with an autopsy, is pending.

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