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A disturbing video has gone viral of a father mercilessly whipping his two teen daughters with a cable wire after he discovers that the girls posted video of themselves performing a sexually suggestive dance known as twerking on Facebook.

The video, which lasts about 30 seconds, shows the enraged father spewing occasional curse words and doling out the brutal punishment to each of the girls.

The father summons each girl in military fashion to take their punishment and whips them mercilessly. The young girls, with their bone-chilling screams, are first seen standing as they try to withstand the lashings. They attempt to cower in a corner, but the dad is unceasing as he whips them. One teen is heard apologizing to her father, “I’m sorry daddy!”

But her words were not heard by the enraged punisher.

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The video, which appeared on and has been viewed by nearly 340,000 people, has sparked discussions from folks who are rallying around the unknown father for caring enough to not want his girls displaying themselves in a lascivious manner. Then there are others who feel the father took matters way too far, exercising lawless brutality.

Here are some of the viewer comments:

@Robbo81 Thanks to this dad caring, there is a  chance these girls will grow up to be black women, instead of n… the  alternative
@davebaron666  Sad truth is this is a much better father than any other father who doesnt care.  In a bad neighborhood a strong father figure could be the difference between  finishing your college and getting a decent job or living a criminal life.
@FredFarkel  Beating kids does not teach them any thing at all, that they couldn’t be taught better without beating.  Beating is just the easy way out for a shitty parent.
@Dante300  Good all fashion whipping, that is how we grew up. this is how some kids listen  nd do shit right. Don’t know why some people think this is child abuse
@King Schultz Try talking to your daughters!
What’s your take? Do the girls have a doting dad or a ranting maniacal enforcer?