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Janet Strickland, 64 (pictured right), has been charged with one count of first-degree murder and one count of armed robbery with a firearm after allegedly paying her grandson, William Strickland, 19, (pictured left) to kill her husband, also named William Strickland, 72,while on his way to receive dialysis treatment, reports NBC Chicago.

The judge set her bond at $500,000. Her grandson, who admitted in court to killing and robbing his grandfather, was held without bond on March 30.

On March 2, when the elder Strickland stepped outside of the home that the three of them shared, his grandson William shot him 6 times in the back as Janet Strickland watched from the house. Days before the heinous crime, the 19-year-old said that his grandmother complained of being “sick” of his grandfather and wanting him dead, reported the Chicago Sun-Times.

As her husband laid dying in the street, Janet Strickland allegedly grabbed  casino bag full of money from by his side. Her grandson snatched his wallet and admits that he purchased “tattoos, new shoes, a cell phone and other items.”

Instead of being in court Saturday, Janet Strickland was reportedly at the hospital receiving treatment for chronic illnesses, including lung disease and hypertension. Though the younger Strickland has no prior criminal record. he could face life in prison.

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Strickland was described as kind and generous by neighbors and family, who voiced their disbelief at the senseless crime:

“He was getting up this morning, going to dialysis so he could try and live his life a little longer and they just zapped it from him,” said brother-in-law Kevin Smith.

Neighbor Jonathan Garener said he felt like he lost a “role model.” And his daughter’s grief is haunting:

“I’m going to truly, really, really, miss my father,” she said.

Janet Strickland let her grandson use her husband’s gun and car the morning of the murder.