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Former Fox Sports executive Jerry Davis is suing the network for being denied a promotion and for later being fired because he is Black, reports Deadline Hollywood.

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Davis, who worked as a director in the Fox Sports department for over 15 years, claims he was passed over a total of four times for a senior position that he felt he was suited for. The 52-year-old alleges in a lawsuit filed Friday at the Los Angeles Superior Court that the bottom line reason he was released from his duties was “because, as a black man, he did not fit neatly into the company’s corporate culture.”

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In all the years Davis worked for Fox, he contends he was continuously denied promotions. When he took a disability leave last February, he was fired and states in his filing that the company released him “without providing any interactive process or attempts at accommodation.” The lawsuit further alleges that the “causes of action for unlawful discrimination based on race and disability, as well as retaliation and a failure to accommodate disability, wrongful termination and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Before turning to the courts regarding his alleged racial bias complaint against Fox Sports, he filed a complaint with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

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Davis claims that currently there are at least 34 employees at or above the vice president level; of this number, not one of them is Black.  According to the lawsuit, “Indeed, to the best of Mr. Davis’ knowledge, no Black person has ever held any position at or above vice president in that division’s 19 year existence.”

The defendants that are named in the lawsuit are the News Corp. divisions Fox Cable Network Services, Fox Sports Net, Fox Sports and Fox Networks Group.

Read the complaint in its entirety here.