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South Carolina authorities have identified a toddler left on a stranger’s doorstep last Tuesday.

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According to the Anderson County’s Sheriff’s Office, the child is Zoe Brown (pictured) from Marietta, Ga. Brown’s parents were found and arrested Friday on unlawful child neglect charges, according to ABC News.

If not for the story rapidly spreading through social media, it may have taken longer to ID Brown, officials say.

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“Just putting the story out there and all over the country, it was the media that led to the individuals that called us,” said Chad McBride, the public information officer for the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office. “For a couple days we didn’t have anything.”

Brown was found wearing a T-shirt reading “Auntie Loves Me.” The home’s owner said he heard his doorbell ring and found Brown outside, but alone.

“I heard the neighbor’s dogs barking so I went around the back of the house to see if they might have gone there,” Roy Campbell told the Independent Mail.” When I didn’t see anyone, I went back to the front door and noticed that there was a baby in the stroller.”

Campbell immediately called police, who rushed Brown to a nearby hospital. Though she had scars on her neck and chest, indicative of previous heart surgery, she was found to be in good health. Oddly enough, even though she is 4-years-old, Brown was found wearing clothes fit for a 24-month old.

Known as the “little Jane Doe” in the community, many people in the area have indicated interest in adopting Brown, who is currently under foster care with the South Carolina Department Of Social Services. According to McBride, she will stay there until a family member proves they can provide her with a stable environment.