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Anna Pierre (pictured), who is one of eight candidates running for mayor of North Miami, claims that someone is hellbent on pushing her out of the race with voodoo, reports the Miami Herald.

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Pierre believes the signs of sorcery rituals originate from Haiti’s voodoo religion. What are the “signs”?

Thus far, the politico says she has stumbled upon chicken feathers, small dolls with protruding needles, pennies, food scraps, and candles that were placed on her office doorstep.

According to Pierre, she has been the target of these voodoo rituals for more than three months now. The Haitian-born nurse and singer whose popularity grew from a 1990’s Creole hit song, “Mete Suk Sou Bonbon,” says she is all too familiar with the ritualistic messages that are attached to the items she has been finding.  “I’m from Haiti. I know what it is,” she told the Miami Herald.

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In addition to the alleged menacing voodoo symbols, Pierre claims she is also being harassed with anonymous phone calls warning her to drop out of the race.

Despite the scare tactics that have plagued her, Pierre says she will not drop out of the mayoral race and is grateful for prayers from friends and family that she believes will combat the evil that is trying to encompass her.  “I have people in Haiti, Canada, and the United States praying for me.  They can put all the voodoo they want,” said Pierre. “I’m a Christian woman. I’m not scared, I have Jesus with me.”

Meanwhile, besides Pierre’s “supernatural” predicament, there have been other foul play shenanigans that have been directed at several other of the mayoral candidates as well like stolen signs and acts of vandalism.

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