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NeNe Leakes (pictured) is reportedly now the top dog, pay-wise, on Bravo TV’s hit reality series “The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA)” since she just renewed her contract and will clear $1 million in bonuses and salary for the show’s sixth season, according to Radar Online.

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Leakes, who has been a staple on “RHOA” since it began, has remained a constant viewer favorite.  The nearly six-foot tall Amazon, who now towers over her cast mates as far as salary, signed her contract along with her “RHOA” co-stars before the Season 5 reunion show aired.

Leakes’ exposure on the reality show has led to two acting stints on the small screen — one on the hit series”Glee” and another on the comedy “The New Normal.”

Regarding her million-dollar windfall, an unnamed source told Radar Online, “She likes being on the show. NeNe is really happy with the ‘New Normal’ and ‘Glee,’ where she can be a real actress, but she knows her bread and butter comes from Bravo and that’s why she’s coming back, ’cause she can’t turn the money down!”

Meanwhile, there is speculation that the “RHOA” cast members might see green when they peer in Leakes’ direction since news of her hefty salary broke.  The anonymous source weighs in, “Everyone gets it, NeNe is the favorite, but they’re still jealous, of course. They wish they could earn what NeNe makes, because they don’t think she would be nearly as popular without fighting with them.”

If Leakes’ “RHOA” fellow cast members do throw shade her way, she will likely flash those manmade pearly whites and sarcastically remind them of the fact, “I’m very rich bitch…hi, hatahs…BLOOP!”

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