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A 64-year-old Detroit woman is hospitalized in critical condition after a pair of dogs mauled her on the city’s east side, Fox 2 News Detroit reports.

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Jessie Clarke (pictured) was on the front porch of a home when the dogs attacked her. She suffered injuries to her face and much of her head. Neighbors tried using anything within reach to stop the dogs’ assault. One even used a pole. Another used his truck to try and run over the animals. Eventually, off-duty Detroit police officer Tyrone Gray drove by, noticed the attack and shot and killed one of the dogs. The other ran off into a nearby school.

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“In my fifteen year career, this is probably the worst situation I’ve ever seen in my life,” Gray told Fox 2 News. “I’ve seen a lot. But to see this, it really touches my heart.”

Here is more from Fox 2 News:

Neighbors say this is not the first time they have seen the pit bulls roaming the area.

Resident Rhene Lee said, “I saw the effects of it, and it was awful. It ripped part of her skull away.” And referring to the nearby school he said, “they just should not have those dogs in there.”

Residents claim the dogs, described as pit bulls, have been living inside a nearby school. Many believe they were being used as protection by whomever is working to renovate the building but that has not been confirmed.

Police called in a K-9 unit which was working to find the second animal involved in the attack.

Fox 2 News has more details on the story in the video below: