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US Weekly has released never-before-seen footage of Michael Jackson’s hair catching fire as he filmed a 1984 Pepsi commercial. It shows Jackson completing a successful first take of the commercial, with the pyrotechnics behind him going off as planned. On the sixth take, things go awry: the fireworks go off early, and the sparks visibly ignite on his head. Jackson doesn’t appear to notice that his head is engulfed in flames until people crowd around him attempting to smother the fire. Calling it “How Michael Jackson’s Pill Addiction Began,” US reports that Jackson was never the same after the incident. This likely won’t be the last exclusive scoop to come tumbling out of Jackson’s past in the wake of his death. Sadly, for the King of Pop, it appears resting in peace isn’t an option.

The video is below. Watch at your own risk – it isn’t pretty.