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First the IRS comes snipping at R&B songstress Lauryn Hill’s (pictured) heels, now she is reportedly being sued by her landlord for not paying her rent, according to the Los Angeles Times.

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The eight time Grammy Award-winning artist has been renting a South Orange, N.J., manse for over three years now. When the rent checks allegedly stopped, the landlord hightailed it to court. The owner of the property in question reportedly filed a legal ultimatum with an Essex County tenancy court for Hill to pay up or get out.

Since the 37-year-old mother of six children failed to pay up the delinquent rent, the unidentified landlord has now begun proceedings to oust the performer off his property.

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Hill also now faces possible jail time after being convicted on tax evasion charges. In June of last year, Hill pleaded guilty to three charges of failing to pay Uncle Sam a reported $1.8 million for three tax years from 2005 to 2007. The former Fugees member faces a maximum one year jail term on each of the three counts.

The reclusive hip-hop artist faces sentencing on April 22 and a fine of $100,000 on each offense.

Hill has mostly disappeared from the music scene over the last few years to raise her children, five of whom she had with Rohan Marley, the son of the late reggae star Bob Marley.

Regarding her most recent IRS case, Hill responded to the tax charges earlier this month in a lengthy statement, saying she had chosen to “defer” payments during a period of withdrawal from society to protect her family for “very real threats.”

Hill has only made a handful of rare appearances over the last few years and has not released an album since 2001.