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Oprah Winfrey may have been bumped to No. 2 on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list, but in media, she reigns supreme. Thanks to her loyal talk show audience, social media followers and, most of all, her remarkable earning power, Winfrey tops ForbesWoman’s first Most Influential Women in Media list.

While ratings have slipped over the years, Winfrey’s syndicated chat fest is still considered the most important show to promote a person, book, product or idea. The “Oprah effect,” could even be said to have helped Barack Obama get to the White House; it certainly didn’t hurt. The list of others who owe their careers to Winfrey–Dr. Mehmet Oz, Rachael Ray, Dr. Phil, Marianne Williamson, Gayle King and Nate Berkus to name a few–is a long and impressive one. Winfrey also helms a Sirius XM ( SIRI – news – people ) satellite radio show, a successful magazine and a cable network.

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