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Even though NBA superstar Dwayne Wade (pictured) has tried to keep the monied particulars involving his scandalous divorce from former wife, Siohvaughn Funches-Wade (pictured below),  private, the couple’s financial settlement agreements have been leaked: Reportedly, Dwayne Wade will be doling out at least $25,000 a month to Siohvaughn, reports Gossip Extra.

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In addition to the exorbitant spousal support sum, Wade is also expected to dig deep in to his pockets to pay for Siohvaughn’s living and travel expenses, which reportedly amounts to about $10,000 extra per month.


Wade and Siohvaughn, who were high school sweethearts since age 15 and were married for five years until it ended in 2007, had an unfortunately rocky break-up.

Afterward, the couple battled each other in court for the custody of their two boys, with mug-slinging and vicious character assassinations occurring on both sides. 

Siohvaughn, who was oftentimes labeled “mentally unstable” in the press, accused Wade of giving her an STD, being unfaithful, a gun lover, a drug and alcohol abuser, and not properly taking care of his children. 

Wade was also guilty of trying to crucify his wife in the media, claiming she was physically abusive toward him throughout their entire marriage. 

Most of the allegations were found to be baseless and were eventually thrown out of court.

In March 2011, Wade was awarded full sole custody of his boys, ages 5 and 10, and Siohvaughn was granted regular custody time on alternating weekends as well as during other times throughout the year.

Despite the fact it’s been a grueling five-plus years that Wade and Siohvaughn have been at it, there is more to come: a trial is scheduled in the Windy City for early July to determine the distribution of marital assets.

According to Gossip Extra, there is speculation that Siohvaughn is gunning for half of everything Wade made between the time he was drafted by the Miami Heat until their divorce; the baller currently has a $107 million contract.

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