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R&B songstress Fantasia Barrino (pictured), who has had her fair share of financial woes over her Charlotte, N. C., mansion is now reportedly willing to sign it over to a bank and not get a dime for it, according to TMZ.

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Back in 2009, it was widely reported that Fantasia’s home was in danger of being auctioned off to pay back a $58,000 loan that she borrowed from Broward Energy Partners. It was reportedly suppose to pay delinquent taxes.

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The earnings from the sale of the home were supposed to have been used to finish paying off the loan. But a deal was reached just in the nick of time and Fantasia was able to save her home.

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Last year, Fantasia placed her home on the real estate market with an asking price of $800,000, an immense reduction from the original price of $1.3 million. The home did not attract one interested buyer.

TMZ now reports that, according to court documents, the former “American Idol” winner and actress allegedly transferred the deed of the home to the bank in February. In doing so, the foreclosure process was skipped which unfortunately will leave Fantasia without a home.

Now the clock is ticking…again.