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A Detroit woman who was in the middle of an infamous YouTube fight video loosely dubbed as “Fat Girls Fighting For A Coney Dog” is claiming that neither the EMS nor the fire department helped her after the brawl.

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Mercedes told Fox 2 News that she feels humiliated after the video went viral and that there are a lot of false rumors going around about what happened

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“I really didn’t even like want to fight. Like I tried to avoid that. So to have a fight on the Internet, then to be naked like my bottom, my private area for everybody to see, like that is the most embarrassing thing ever,” said Mercedes. “I never wish that on anybody.”

She claims that she doesn’t know the women with whom she was fighting. But, for whatever reason, she was a target of theirs when she walked into the Legends Coney Island Saturday morning for a bite to eat. Mercedes claims the women started saying things about her as soon as she and her friend entered the establishment. She says she tried to ignore them, but obviously that didn’t work.

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Watch news video below:

In the eight-minute video, Mercedes is seen engaging in a verbal spat with several women that eventually turned violent. As soon as fists began swinging, no one intervened to end the conflict. Instead, bystanders took out their cellphones and began recording. The fire department and EMS soon arrived but stood by and watched, based on video footage. Horns from the vehicles blew, but that was about it.

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Fox 2 says they were told the cops arrived on the scene after responding to a 911 call; the scene had cleared when they got there. A police spokesperson told the TV station that they have no record of the EMS or fire department being dispatched there at all.

Mercedes says it was one of the worse days in her life:

“The ambulance and the fire trucks were right there in the midst of the fight,” Mercedes said. “Not one time did anyone jump out of the car. My whole thing is you don’t even have to break it up. If you’re not going to break it up, why didn’t you come to anyone’s aid?  That’s the thing.  Like why?  What are you there for?”

“They were out there blowing their horns.”

“We’re women.  No one had any guns.  No one had any knives.  Clearly you could see there were no weapons but a heel.  You’ve got these big guys working for the city putting out fires and saving people[‘s] lives.”

“What if I would’ve died?”

The fire department is reviewing the video and will release a statement soon.