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The man who flamboyantly warned folks in a 2010 news interview to “hide your kids, hide your wife” now says that he is a heterosexual and wants a wife and children. But he added that he is still attracted to men, reports TMZ.

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Antoine Dodson now declares homosexuality as “foolishness” and took to his Facebook page to state the following:

“I have to renounce myself, I’m no longer into homosexuality I want a wife and family, I want to multiply and raise and love my family that I create. I could care less about the fame and fortune, I’ve giving all that up to know the true history of the bible. For I am the True Chosen Hebrew Israelite descendant of Judah. And as True Israel I know that there are certain things we just can’t do. And I… totally understand that now. I don’t need a Mercedes-Benz, I don’t need a big house in Beverly Hills all I need is the Most High and my family (Israel). I have been awaken by the great and so should you. Let’s be delivered from the wickedness of the world and live the way we should. The Most High bless all and have a beautiful evening. Israel wake up and take full power of who you are. I’m ready are you?”

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Dodson, reportedly stopped a would-be rapist who tried to attack his younger teen sister sleeping in a nearby room at their home in 2010. The Huntsville, Ala., native was asleep in another room, when he heard the muffled sounds of his sister being attacked. Dodson jumped to his sister’s aid and fought off the intruder. When news got out of Dodson’s heroic efforts, he was interviewed by a local news station and the video news segment became an internet sensation.

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The interview resulted in an auto-tuned song by the Gregory Brothers. It even appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 list and sold thousands on iTunes.

At the time of the hoopla, the former hair stylist never hid the fact that he was an openly gay man. In a Q&A format on his website, Dodson clearly stated that he was not bisexual and was a gay man. Now, the 27-year-old, who says he has been delivered from homosexuality by becoming a devout Hebrew Israelite, passionately argues that in no way is he wanting to expand his “15 minutes of fame.”

But on the flip side…

Although Dodson says he has dated women before and thought “it was fun,” he also admitted on TMZ Live that there is still an ever-present lingering attraction to men.

“To be truthful, I’m not going to lie to you. I still like –. When I see a presentable male walk past, I be like, ‘Oh, my God!’ But then I think like, ‘Come on, getting it together. Let’s get it together, you can move away from that.’ It’s not going to happen in one day…it’s a process.”

Well, time will tell if Antoine’s bible study can indeed “cure his homosexuality.”