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In an ironic twist, Chris “Daddy Mac” Kelly (pictured) rapped to a song about dead bodies in his Atlanta home just hours before his death on Wednesday, according to TMZ.

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The clip shows a seemingly high Kelly and friends around 7 a.m. with opened Budweiser cans littered around the area. Before Kelly raps, the friend holding the camera introduces him, “This my muthaf***in’ dawg, that’s my muthaf***in’ dawg, Kris Kris from Kris Kross.”

Watch Chris Kelly’s last video:

As the song plays, Kelly struggles to keep up with the vocals. At one point he raps with the chorus, “And I don’t stop for nothing or nobody. Look around you, it’s full of dead bodies.” According to TMZ, Kelly had recently been working on the track.

Hours after the video was shot, a 911 call was traced to Kelly’s house, where he was found passed out. The former half of teenage rap group Kris Kross was declared dead at 5:00 p.m.

According to the official police report, Kelly’s mother told authorities that he’d been mixing cocaine and heroin before he died. The investigation in to Kelly’s death is still ongoing.

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