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Former major league player Otis Nixon (pictured) was reportedly arrested in Atlanta and charged with possession of cocaine and a drug-related object, after his vehicle was searched this past weekend during a routine traffic stop, reports Yahoo! Sports.

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Nixon, an outfielder who played for the Braves, Indians, and Montreal Expos, was spotted by police allegedly weaving all over the road in his pick-up truck.

When officers flagged Nixon down and searched him and his vehicle, they reportedly stumbled upon a crack pipe in his pocket and a rock in the passenger seat of the truck.

Upon further inspection of the vehicle, police found an additional crack pipe, rocks on the floor of the driver’s side, and other drug-related paraphernalia as well.

The 54-year-old former baseball player was reportedly given a sobriety test by police that determined that he was not under the influence of any substance.

According to police records, when Nixon was stopped, he reportedly told officers that he was not weaving and had driven a friend home.  Nixon, who himself battled cocaine addiction but has recently been trying to get his own ministry off the ground, also told authorities that the drug apparatuses and rocks belonged to his son and that he had been trying to remove the pipe from him.

On Nixon’s website, he mentions that not only has he been a cocaine addict who has also battled the bottle but that he also is a “born-again Brave” writing:

The Nixon of today shows himself as a preacher, a penitent, a pitchman, an author, a fourth-time husband and an Alcoholics Anonymous member with a one-year sobriety chip in his pocket.

But wait, not so fast!

Nixon was reportedly involved in a scam this past February, when he was accused of allegedly milking folks out of their money, promising he could gain early release for their incarcerated relatives and find a place for them to live after prison.

The case is still being investigated.

Meanwhile, regarding Nixon’s current criminal charges, he was still in jail Monday, being held on $11,880 bond.

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