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An Ohio father may have meant well when he let his 9-year-old daughter get behind the wheel of their family car, but the father-daughter outing went terribly wrong.

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The Smoking Gun reports that 23-year-old Jaron McGee was sitting on the passenger side of his purple 1998 Honda while his child was behind the wheel Sunday night in the parking lot of Headlands State Park.

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“However the child lost control of the car after achieving excessive speed, and drove directly into the large tree,” according to law enforcement authorities.

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Neither McGee nor the child was injured. She was driven from the scene by other family members before the cops arrived. While the family claims the girl was not hurt, The Lake County Sheriff’s office is checking up on the girl anyway. The front end of the car, however, sustained significant front end damage.

McGee was arrested on child endangerment and wrongful entrustment charges; both counts are felonies. He was booked into Lake County jail, where he was also being held on one felony and one misdemeanor warrant out of other jurisdictions.