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A Detroit mother claims that four women attacked her in front of her children over a possible road incident, Fox 2 News Detroit reports.

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The woman, Kiesha, told the TV station that she went out for food for the family on a recent late night at a nearby McDonalds when she noticed a Ford Taurus “driving down the street all crazy.” She waited to see if the Taurus would slow down, but she said she had the right-of-way and proceeded to turn in to restaurant’s parking lot.

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“The people followed me into McDonald’s,” Kesha said. “They blocked me off. She got out of the car. She came to my car. She leaned in the car. She argued with me. I tried to reason with her.”

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It is not clear what exactly caused the argument. Maybe it was road rage or, perhaps, Kesha cut them off. Whatever the reason, the dispute only got worse.

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“I kept saying, ‘Wait, wait, wait, calm down. Please just calm down. Wait a minute. Hold on,'” Kesha explained. “I was like, ‘I didn’t do anything wrong. Just wait a minute.’ And she just kept on saying, ‘You shut the [expletive] up.'”

Here is more from Fox 2 News:

We’re told the woman spit on her twice and threw a liquor bottle through the car window.

“My kids were in the car. They had kids in the car. I go to try to leave and drive around their car. The next thing you know there’s a bottle flying in the window, glass all in my mouth,” Kesha said.

She jumped out, but four young women from the other car got out, too.

“It was crazy. They literally [were] thumping me. The girl that came to my car, she sat on top of me,” Kesha said.

Cut, bruised and now left with two bloody eyes, she said she was not trying to fight, but rather trying to reason with them.

“For them to be as upset as they were over something so simple, they had to be either intoxicated or on drugs or something,” Kesha said.

“By her being epileptic, God was on her side because she ended up having bruises, but this could have killed her,” said her finance.

“Of course, we do want justice for both her and for our children,” he added. “For our children to witness something like this, it’s an atrocity.”

Kesha said the four women who carried out the attack were of Hispanic descent and possibly in their twenties. The incident kept her in the hospital overnight. Kesha says she filed a police report.