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When we were putting together this post on yet another Judge Wade McCree story out of Detroit, we considered checking the “entertainment” category.

But the video we have of his ex-lover, Geniene La’ Shay Mott, describing her four-month affair with the married judge is straight out of the Kingdom of Ratchet.

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As NewsOne previously reported, McCree is currently in the middle of misconduct proceedings over his relationship with Mott. Last year, she dragged her boyfriend before McCree’s court over child support payments. After the hearing, McCree asked Mott out and she accepted. From there, they had a steamy, sex-crazed relationship that lasted much of the summer of 2012. The Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission, which filed a complaint against McCree in March, may deem his actions acts of misconduct and strip him of his job.

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Meanwhile, Mott feels she’s been given a raw deal, believing her character has been damaged because of McCree’s testimony. Watch her “defend” her honor in the video clip below. Get ready to crack up laughing and drop your jaw in disbelief.