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From The New York Daily News

Dwight Dixon, 33, told officers that he believed that Harrison was behind the latest shooting, according to a Philadelphia police source. According to the source, authorities are investigating whether Harrison, currently a free agent, is linked.

“Mr. Dixon told officers on scene that he had a dispute with Marvin Harrison,” the source said of yesterday’s shooting. “And Marvin Harrison probably hired someone to do this.”

Dixon was shot in the arm, chest and stomach while sitting in a rental car yesterday in North Philadelphia after he had just finished breakfast. Witnesses told police that the gunman, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, white sneakers and blue jeans, was about six-feet tall.

Harrison was never charged in connection with the April29, 2008 shooting that injured Dixon and two others in front of a detail shop and garage Harrison owns in North Philadelphia.

Dixon sued Harrison following that incident. Dixon had been involved in an altercation with Harrison weeks before at the wide receiver’s bar called “Playmakers,” located less than a mile away from the garage.

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