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Arkebia Albury, 25,  of Macon, Georgia, faces two counts of cruelty to children, reckless conduct and theft by shoplifting, after she ran over her 4-year-old son in a desperate attempt to avoid getting busted for shoplifting, reports the Macon Telegraph.

The child is in critical condition with injuries to his head and vital organs.

“The child is in bad shape,” Centerville Police Chief Sidney Andrews said. “It wasn’t looking too good.”

According to the Telegraph, a security officer followed Albury and her two children, the other being a 2-year-old, to her vehicle after leaving the department store, Belk.

Once she realized that she was about to be busted, she jumped into her, not realizing that only her 2-year-old child had made it inside before pulling off. According to police, Albury got out of the car, picked the child up, threw him into the vehicle and drove away. Police stopped the car on a near-by street and medical workers were called to care for the child.

“I believe [she was stealing] a couple of T-shirts. I do know it was clothing. It was a misdemeanor amount,” Andrews said. “This certainly was not worth it.”

In addition to the charges brought by the police department, the Georgia State Patrol charged Albury with “serious injury by motor vehicle, failing to stop at an accident with injuries, driving with a suspended license and two counts of child seat belt violation.”

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